• Colcom produces hinges, locks and mounting systems for doors and panels made of tempered glass. It offeres the whole range of accessories with an emphasis on innovation and design to meet the needs of those who want to create a beautiful interior, which at the same time is functional and safe.

    Colcom products can be used for various applications: showers, internal doors, partitions, sliding systems, exterior doors, locks and handles. In the world of accessories for glass, where Colcom is an important and well-known brand, competition takes place not only in the field of releasing new products on the market, but primarily in the field of technological innovation.

    Colcom’s commitment and investment in research and development is the soul of its success. Thanks to its own know-how and continuous technological innovation and the just-in-time system, Colcom is able to offer comprehensive solutions difficult to achieve by those, who do not have the same knowledge and face the competition, which is particularly strong in this sector. An outstanding element of exploration and development of the Colcom company is a concept of hydraulic mechanisms, which was designed and patented as an evolution and synthesis of automatic hinges and traditional door closers.

    The hydraulic concept has been transformed into hinges and systems, which are used in internal and external doors and shower cabins. Thanks to continuous efforts in the development of innovative products, Colcom over the years has penetrated the market in Italy and abroad in a constant and dynamic way and has become a real reference brand for the construction industry and architects.

  • Bonomi family has started its adventure with business in late 1925 undertaking the processing of brass, which for many decades remained the characteristic element of a technological tradition of the family.

    Over time, the need to adapt production to new trends and awareness of the changing market has resulted in research regarding new production lines.
    The next milestone in the history of the company was to cope with the new trends around the use of tempered glass – this is how Metalglas systems successful in the glass market were formed.

    In the current stage of development, the company has been successful in producing and selling various kinds of systems for glass.

    Its success was possible thanks to the clear structure of the company, as well as effective and very flexible purchasing policy with suppliers of materials. The market rewarded the effort by adopting trends in design and technology determined by Metalglas.

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